The "Sixteen Times Eight Equals One" series is a compilation of works on paper that I have been working on since 2015 . I started with just making collages on paper and in my sketch books around 2013/ 2014. I began  posting  on Facebook during that same period of time The aformentioned series starts as I expand my collage making and mark making efforts using found scraps, oil pastel and various markers. I also included using acrylic ink,tempera paint, gouache as well as various wax crayons, oil-based pastel, Sharpies  and
Magic markers as well as paint stick markers on paper. The entire series is based on layering and overlayering of painted paper, cardboard, and sheets of texturized, colorized and extensively marked sheets of paper. The outcome is what they are. I endeavor to make paintings and works on paper that I would like to see and that my vision resonates with. I also wish to regale the viewer looking at these compositions.

The drawing ideas are based on "automatic drawing" . Are you familiar with the work of Brion Guysin, the rediscoverer of the cut-up technique originated by Gil J. Wolman?  Or the Wolman Letterist  practice? Are you famililar with the Dadaist Manifestos of Tristan Tzara.? I have utilized copious drawing,marking techniques ,juxtaposition of imagery, two-dimensional  compostional techniques and glue mixed with water to make the drawings on paper in this series. 

The essence of making a drawing or painting series is to sustain an idea from start to end. All drawings in a series will have a commonality of materials and techniques. There are no rules on how to be in the thick of this drawing project or how to come out of it.