I want to say something about the "Sixteen Times Eight Equals One" series. A series that I have been working on since 2015 approximately, I was only making collages in 2014 and started posting around that same period of time. The aformentioned series starts as I expanded the collage making and marki making efforts into using acrylic ink,tempera paint, gouache and various wax, oil-based pastel  or marker/ paint stick markers on paper. The entire series is based on layering and overlayering of painhted paper, sometime cardboard, and sheets of texturized, colorized and extensively marked sheets of paper. The outcome are what they are. I have seen a lot of artwork since my childhood in Brooklyn, New York. I am trying to make paintings that I would like to see, that my eyes resonate with or regale against.
These pieces are not for some and sought after by others. 
The drawing ideas are based on "automatic drawing" . I am familiar with the work of Brion Guysin, the rediscoverer of the cut-up technique originatedby Gil J. Wolman and his letterist practice and the Dadaist Manifestos of Tristan Tzara. So the background and the meaning come from copious drawing, selection of "imagaery", two-dimensional  compostional techniques and glue.